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Hospitality and Tourism

The road to your perfect career starts here. Whatever your goals are, you can accomplish them with a California community college education.

Angela Bustos

Student, Hospitality

My passion is hospitality as a whole, but the ultimate goal would be planning events. If you have an education, you will be a step ahead of other people trying to get the same job.

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Career Education programs at a California community college give you the real life experience you need to succeed.

Food and Beverage Services Student in Chef's Hat Prepares a Dish While Her Instructor Watches

Food and Beverage Services

If you're a natural born foodie, you might consider a career in Food and Beverage Services. People with these jobs prepare and serve food and beverages in restaurants.

Lodging Student Accepts a Payment Card from a Customer


If you'd like to create a home away from home for people, you might consider a career in Lodging. People with these jobs work for companies that provide accomodation for guests.

California Community Colleges Hospitality and Tourism Program Student Leading a Tour

Recreation, Amusements, and Attractions

If you want to devote your life to amusement, you might consider a career in Recreation, Amusements, and Attractions. People with these jobs maintain tourist attractions and run gaming operations.

Travel and Tourism Student handing travel documents to clients.

Travel and Tourism

If you're a travel buff, you might consider a career in Travel and Tourism. People with these jobs plan transportation and accomodation for tourists and give guided tours.

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Calbright College Online Learning Student Working at a desk

Calbright College

Calbright is a new kind of college, one designed to fit the needs of people like you. We offer online job training that focuses on careers, not college credentials. If you're ready to find a career with a future, we can help you reach your goals.