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Dual Admission

Transfer Success Pathway

Dual admission gives students a pathway to earn a bachelor's degree at a CSU or UC.

Students who have faced academic, financial, or personal hardships that prevented them from attending a CSU or UC can benefit from the new Transfer Success Pathway dual admission program, a guaranteed path forward from a California community college to a California State University or University of California.

Choose Dual Admission to the CSU through the Transfer Success Pathway.

Beginning with the California High School graduating class of 2023, dual admission to the CSU will be available through the Transfer Success Pathway program for first-time, first-year California community college students (including those who earned a GED and those who took a gap year in 2022).

Students can apply to the program to:

  • Enter into an agreement with the CSU and receive guaranteed admission to the degree program and campus of your choice (if all requirements are met)

  • Receive personalized guidance from CSU representatives to create an educational plan that will help you transfer within three years or less

  • Map out your coursework using the CSU Transfer Planner portal to ensure you’re on track for your degree.

The California State University (CSU) will contact eligible students, who will have an opportunity to enroll in the program by September 30 each year.

Visit the CSU Transfer Planner to get started.

Discover Your Path to UC Success with Dual Admission!

Are you looking to secure your future at a University of California (UC) campus? Dual Admission offers you a ticket to a seamless UC Transition.

Dual Admission opens doors to a world of opportunities, assuring you of conditional admission while you fulfill your transfer requirements.

Why UC Supports Dual Admission?

The Dual Admission program isn't just about securing your spot and empowering aspiring students like you. This program was designed to pave the way for your success, bridging the gap between your aspirations and education. With Dual Admission, becoming a UC student isn't just a dream – it's your reality in the making!

A Guide for California Community College Students

Once you are offered acceptance into the UC Dual Admission program, the steps are simple:

Step 1: Accept the Offer to the UC Dual Admission program.

Formalize your UC Dual Admission by opting in through your UC application by the specified deadline. Your journey to a UC campus begins here.

Step 2: Select Your Dream UC Campus.

Choose your UC campus and dive into fulfilling their Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) requirements. This step brings you closer to your academic goals and the campus of your dreams.

Step 3: Enroll in a California Community College.

Navigate to CCC Apply and enroll in any California community college. Make the most of your college experience by attending orientation, where you'll uncover a wealth of resources tailored to your needs as a student.

Step 4: Harness the Power of UC TAP.

Create your UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) account. This tool acts as your communication hub with us. Ensure your success using the email address you provided in your UC application. Regularly update UC TAP each term, entering your courses and grades earned. This detailed record will help you monitor your progress toward fulfilling TAG requirements. UC TAP isn't just a tool; it's your guiding light in your transfer journey.

Step 5: Seize the Opportunity to Transfer.

After three years of dedicated support from the Dual Admission program, you'll be primed and ready to transfer to UC. Should your plans evolve, remember, there's no need to worry. Even after the three-year window, UC offers many programs to assist you. Your future at UC is not bound by time—it's boundless.