Student Rights

Get on track to transfer

Save time and money by avoiding classes that don’t count towards your degree or transfer.

You now have the power to directly enroll into college-level math and English classes to help you complete your degree or transfer requirements sooner.

Get a Strong Start

Important new statewide reforms are in place to provide every student with a strong start on their way to earning a degree, certificate, or transferring to a university.

This means colleges are now required to use high school coursework, grades, and GPAs – not standardized tests – to help determine the placement of students into English and math courses when entering community college.

Achieve Success

We strive to help students complete transfer-level coursework in English and mathematics within one year of their first attempt and to help students enrolled in English-as-a-second-language (ESL) instruction to enter and complete degree and transfer requirements in English within three years.

We want you to start off in the courses that help you achieve your transfer credits in math and English. To support you in this goal, we provide:

  • Education counseling

  • Education planning services

  • Placement services

  • Academic interventions and guidance, where needed.

For students with goals other than transferring to a four-year university and in programs that require math and English courses that are not transfer-level, we will help you complete your math and English requirements within one year (three years for ESL), regardless of whether you intend to transfer.

Know Your Student Rights & Responsibilities

How colleges advise, place and support you matters, and colleges need to get it right to set you and all community college students up for success.

As a college student, you can speak up about how you are placed in math and English classes.

You can ask that you are not placed in a remedial class.

You can also ask that you are not required to take a standardized placement test to determine your aptitude for transfer-level courses.

You should speak with a counselor on campus if you feel like you are not on the right track to transfer.

Attention High School Students

For graduating high school seniors - Be aware that there are laws in place aimed to help you succeed at the next level of education.

You are encouraged to speak to your counselors now in your senior year. If you have any questions about the best courses to take or what you should be signing up for in your first semester, talk to your counselor today.

You can also call your local community college to learn more and get started on the right path to success.

Get More Information

Speak to your high school or college counselor to get more information.

California community colleges give you limitless opportunities to improve your life. From workforce training to transfer opportunities, we are the backbone of higher education in California.

Take a clear path to the career you want through the education you deserve. Find your local college to learn more about how to access the right classes for you.