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Fonda Wilson

Student, Radiologic Technology

When you go out to your clinicals, it’s kind of like a two-year interview. You get a broad view of what you can expect in the workforce.

Explore Your Career Options in Health Science

Career Education programs at a California community college give you the real life experience you need to succeed.

Diagnosis and Treatment Student Shines a Light in the Eye of His Patient

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you always won at the game Operation, you might consider a career in Diagnosis and Treatment. People with these jobs diagnose and treat illnesses, infections, injuries and other health problems.

Medical Administration and Support Services Student in Scrubs Enters Notes on a Clipboard

Medical Administration and Support Services

If you love medical dramas, you might consider a career in Medical Administration and Support Services. People with these jobs record medical information, handle scheduling and billing and advise patients.

Medical Science and Biotechnology Student in Lab Coat and Goggles Performs Tests Inside a Laboratory

Medical Science and Biotechnology

If you want to use technology to heal people, you might consider a career in Medical Science and Biotechnology. People with these jobs solve medical problems, perform laboratory tests and develop new medical technology.

Therapy and Natural Healing Instructor Teaches Students About Massage Therapy Techniques

Therapy and Natural Healing

If you believe in natural healing methods, you might consider a career in Therapy and Natural Healing. People with these jobs help patients through therapeutic services and natural healing.

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Calbright College Online Learning Student Working at a desk

Calbright College

Calbright is a new kind of college, one designed to fit the needs of people like you. We offer online job training that focuses on careers, not college credentials. If you're ready to find a career with a future, we can help you reach your goals.