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Cameron Crouch

Student, Agriculture Business

You're not just learning theories, you're learning how this is going to apply in the workforce.

Explore Your Career Options in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Career Education programs at a California community college give you the real life experience you need to succeed.


If you love farms and consider yourself business-minded, you might consider a career in Agribusiness. People with these jobs manage finances, sales and other business services in the agricultural industry.

Animal and Aquaculture Management

If your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of cute animals, you might consider a career in Animal and Aquaculture Management. People with these jobs care for farm and domesticated animals and wild animal populations.

Crops and Plants

If you have a greener thumb than anyone you know, you might consider a career in Crops and Plants. People with these jobs plant and harvest crops, maintain landscaping, and work in nurseries and greenhouses.

Environmental Services

If you want to help preserve the planet, you might consider a career in Environmental Sciences. People with these jobs protect, inspect and evaluate the environment.

Food Production

If you're part foodie and part science geek, you might consider a career in Food Production. People with these jobs research raw ingredients, develop recipes, ensure food safety and manufacture food and beverages.

Natural Resources

If you love the great outdoors, you might consider a career in Natural Resources. People with these jobs develop natural resources through forestry, conservation, energy and extraction operations.

Power, Structural, and Technical Systems

If you want to help power the future, you might consider a career in Power, Structural, and Technical Systems. People with these jobs operate machinery and technical systems for agriculture, energy and natural resource operations.

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