Associate Degree for Transfer

Find the Transfer Program that’s right for you. Get your general education and college major preparation done at a California community college offering this program. Then, you can transfer to a participating four-year university to complete your bachelor’s degree in this field of study.

A Degree with a Guarantee

California community colleges and partnering institutions created the transfer program to make it easier for community college students to transfer to a guaranteed saved spot at a participating four-year university where you can earn a bachelor's degree.

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Dozens of Transfer Destinations

Our graduates transfer to a wide variety of four-year universities, including CSU institutions, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), fully online and out-of-state universities and independent colleges and universities in California. Read more about planning your transfer to an HBCU. A list of other participating four-year universities, including fully online and out-of-state, is available here.


Dozens of Transfer Degree Programs

Get your associate of arts degree for transfer (AA-T) or associate of science degree for transfer (AS-T) in one of 40 majors that lead to thousands of transfer pathways at participating 4-year universities.


Thousands of Transfer Pathways

Whether you have specific career goals or you're still finding your way, our transfer degree programs will put you on the road to success. Use our Transfer Tool to discover your transfer options today.


Nearly Limitless Benefits

You significantly boost your future earning power by obtaining a bachelor's degree. You also save time and money by starting at a community college while receiving an associate degree along the way.

The Transfer Process

Every year, over 100,000 California community college students transfer to a four-year university to earn their bachelor's degree every year. That's why we made the process streamlined and stress-free.
  1. Step 1:
    Start at a California community college

    Complete your general education requirements and major-specific coursework at a California community college. Keep your grades up. Meet the requirements for your preferred university and major, and submit all application materials on time when ready to transfer.

  2. Step 2:
    Transfer to your saved spot

    Students who complete 60 semester units of required coursework and meet all admission requirements can receive guaranteed admission into participating four-year colleges.

  3. Step 3:
    Earn your bachelor's degree

    After you transfer, you will start as a junior at your new university. In most cases, you will be only 60 semester units away from earning your bachelor's degree. You will not be required to repeat courses similar to those you already completed.

Transfer Tool

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Plan your transfer from community college to a university while earning a degree. Let us show you all your potential destinations and we will help you figure out a path to get you there.

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Paths described in the transfer tool are for educational purposes and do not guarantee acceptance to transfer destinations and other factors. Seek additional guidance with your college’s counselors to create a course plan that works for you.

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